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Every Day Is Earth Day 2019

Green Door Legacy Roundtable

PART 1: Green architect Amber Beard discusses housing problems from a global perspective. Part 1 of a roundtable discussion about housing issues in Door County, Wisconsin.

PART 2: Mariah Goode, Director of Door County Land Use Services Department, lays out the facts and figures about the difficulty of getting affordable housing in the county.

PART 3: Green architect Virge Temme discusses the history of efforts to build affordable housing since WW II. She also looks to the future.

PART 4: Myles Dannhausen, Jr moderates a panel discussion about affordable housing issues in Door County, Wisconsin and beyond. Panelists are Green architects Amber Beard and Virge Temme and Director of Door County Land Use Services Mariah Goode.

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Herbicide Horrors – MUST WATCH!!

Dr Warren Porter discusses new perspectives on pesticide use and their unintended health consequences at very low exposure concentrations.  A jaw dropping video!! Solidifying the extreme importance to eat ORGANIC!


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Three Physical Requirements for Life on Earth: Clean Air, Clean Water, and…

Dick SmytheHistory tells us that war, politics, disease, deforestation, and drought have all contributed to societal collapses that punctuate human history. But there is another factor of at least equal importance.  In fact, Wes Jackson of the Land Institute is persuaded that it may pose a more serious threat to human life than does climate change.  Yet, we rarely think about it.  This morning we will.

Dick Smythe is an entomologist retired from the research division of the US Forest Service. Before kindergarten he started collecting feathers and insects. In college he majored in biology, and then earned a PhD in entomology. Throughout his lifetime, Dick has maintained an interest in the natural world. He is active in a number of environmental organizations, is an avid reader, especially in the biological sciences and theology, and enjoys being out-of-doors throughout the year.


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An Earth Day Message from Bob Bultmanbob-uufdc-ed-copyCLICK ON THE IMAGE OF BOB BULTMAN ABOVE TO LISTEN TO HIS TALK!

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Here is a link to our presentation about

Reducing Waste