Upcoming THRIVE Events

October 4th, 2018 @ 6p

Community Potluck


Past THRIVE Events:

April 5th @ 6p_FB Cover (3)Door County Thrive Seed Swap & Potluck happening at the newly finished Kress Pavilion in Egg Harbor!!!

A seed swap is a chance for the community to come together to share and trade seeds!This event is open to families, gardeners, farmers and anyone else who wants to network and surround themselves with like-minded people! This event is also a potluck, so please bring a potluck item.

If you are trading seeds, please bring seeds you know and love so you can add value and information about the seeds to those you are trading and sharing with! The goal of this event is to leave with some new seeds for our 2018 gardens!

Whether you’re just getting starting on your very first garden or you are a seasoned gardener/farmer, you will walk away with some new knowledge, contacts and inspiration as we head into the 2018 growing season!

If you have plans or knowledge you’d like to share, please bring it. You will have the opportunity to chat with people individually or in groups! The type of information that will be shared at this event is as follows, but not limited to… types of seeds, growing techniques, and seed harvesting.

If you are not a gardener or into trading seeds, but are part of Thrive (or want to be part of Thrive) please come and enjoy the company, community, networking and delicious food.

**Suggested donation for Thrive events is $5-$10. Your donations are greatly appreciated and help Thrive continue to promote and plan events like this!**

Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion

7845 Church Street, Egg Harbor, Wisconsin 54209

Please join our community conversation in the Door County Thrive Facebook Group here:

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