Mission Statement

Door County Thrive is a volunteer-run organization that strives to transform community resiliency ideas into action. We provide the opportunity for participants to envision and implement sustainable projects through self-directed design and strategic action. By empowering people through skill-sharing we aim to build an abundance of useful skills within our peninsula. We also emphasize connection by providing spaces for ecological organizations and individuals to grow into a caring and thriving network.

The Strategy

Keeping these goals in mind, we offer organizing, marketing, brainstorming, and networking. Leadership development will be encouraged for those who care to contribute their expertise. To provide a healthy forum for exchanging ideas we conduct informational meetings as well as casual potluck gatherings. We strive to keep the conversation growing and everyone connected to support the emerging culture of sustainability in Door County. Our strategy for implementing these big ideas take form in these three ways:


  • Skill Sharing Workshops: We have an abundance of talented community members with innumerable areas of knowledge to share. We encourage anyone with a skill or information they are willing to share in a workshop, to plant the seed at meeting, on social media and/or email the details to doorcountythrive@gmail.com. Our team will review the info and facilitate further discussion and development. Co-teaching or combining similar topics could develop from these suggestions. Skill sharing workshops will be hands-on, where participants can gain quality theory and practical application of the skill being taught.

  • Action Oriented Projects: Projects will be determined through group-based decision making strategies. After decisions for projects are made the core group will be assembled, supporting participants identified and everyone will get a schedule of when actions will be implemented. Action orientated projects are aimed at being highly visible and disseminated throughout the community.

  • Volunteerism :Door County Thrive seeks to create a supporting body of volunteers who are aware of and can participate in events and classes that other organizations are hosting. This is done through networking, potlucks, engagement on social media and through the web directory of sustainability focused groups, individuals, and events.